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Dazzling bats with shop lights, synchronized swimming in gutters, and wallowing in industrial sewage excite Pinto. His side of the third floor apartment is an ecological disaster. He advises chemical plants on "how to pollute and keep your hands clean," has a Ph.D. in Industrial Smokestack Technology, and plays the electrical saw from 2 to 4 AM. Pinto can\'t stand his "green" roommate, Vigo.

Pinto is one of five wacky characters who live in PLUSHOOD, the brainchild of Israeli desingers with an obsession with fluff. He is 13" tall, soft and cuddly. Plushood dolls are made for adults but kids will love them too!

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Forget those "U"ther dolls. Plushoods offer Israeli plush doll fun with five wacky characters which inhabit the same Tel Aviv high-rise. These quirky stuffed creatures wear their neuroses on their tuchuses. Plushoods are included in the designer toy books Dot-Dot-Dash and Pictoplasma. Skate on the plushy cutting edge with the five Plushoods.

13" tall and cuddly!

Leaves the warehouse in 1-2 business days.

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