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Happy paper toys! New from Israeli design house, PaperCat, comes, The Magical Journey Booklet.

Paper is a material with fascinating and varied features: you can cut it, fold it, and magically change it from two dimensions  to three. Before the era of plastic, paper had been widely used for toys and games. With our series of paper toys, “Happy Paper Toys,” we wish to go back  to those simpler times...

Happy Paper Toys” are a self-assembly toys series. They come in the form of a colorful booklet with 4 paper toys which can easily be popped out of the page (no need for scissors!).  Each toy has fun comics-style instructions; you only need to have glue, and string.

Each toy is beautifully and colorfully illustrated. After constructing, the toys can be hung as mobiles, placed on shelves as decoration or, of course, played with!

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