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Shake with style in your Sukkah with a traditional set of the arba minim (four species) grown with care at special citron orchards in central Israel. Our premium selected Lulav and Etrog Kit includes:

  • 1 Lulav
  • 1 Specially selected Premium Etrog -- high-grade of size, shape, and color.
  • 3 Vacum packed Haddasim (myrtle branches)
  • 2 Vacum packed Aravot (willow branches)
  • 1 Traditional Lulav holder
  • 1 English-Language instructions guide
  • 1 Lulav bag

Place the Lulav in the refrigerator upon receipt. The Etrog should be stored at room temperature.

100% certified kosher, from Israel.

Premium Etrog & Lulav Set from Israel

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