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The newest release from JDub Records (Matisyahu, Golem, Axum, Girls In Trouble, Deleon, Soulico), Can!!Can is a hard rocking band fascinated with spirituality and traditional texts in a decidedly nontraditional setting. Songs like “Giants” (You build an altar/You find a priest/Two tablets tell us what to do and say and feel and think) and “ God Lives in NYC” (In the city of forbidden fruit/Child, you know you’ll touch the sky/HaShem brings a beautiful light/Bottled up when the city’s alive) illustrate Can!!Can’s complex understanding that mythology, spirituality and rock ‘n roll are inextricably tied together.

Our Can!!Can Pack features tons of great gifts from your favorite dance-grunge band including:

  • Monsters and Healers CD (Can!!Can\'s new album)
  • Can!!Can Shirt featuring Atlanta\'s runaway zebra! (unisex sizes S-XL)
  • All Hell (Can!!Can\'s previous album)
  • Two Can!!Can Stickers

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