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The concept of Havdalah is celebrated in Laura Cowan's Creation Series. Distinctive cone-shaped pieces made from two contrasting materials reflect the opposites that together make the whole: Heaven and Earth, light and darkness, day and night, the working week and Shabbat. To emphasize the opposites, the silver tops are highly polished to a mirror finish contrasting with the matte anodized aluminum bases. The tops are either sterling silver or silver plate; the bottoms are solid aviation quality aluminum.

Pieces ship from Israel. Express shipping is not available. Allow 5-10 days to arrive.

The ritual of Havdalah requires us to use all five senses: taste the wine, smell the spices, see the flame of the candle, feel its heat, and hear the blessings. Laura Cowan has created a Havdalah set that is beautiful to see all week long.

Spice Box

The lid is highly polished stainless steel with a brushed finish colored disc, combining Laura’s signature themes of discs and cones, inspired by the encircling rings on the planet Saturn. The contrasting disc is attached by tiny screws and bolts and appears to be floating weightlessly above the dish: separating the physical world from the spiritual world. The lid is attached to the main body of the spice box by a neodymium magnet producing a unique and imaginative connection.


The stylish candlestick is made from turned aluminum and is reversible. The Havdalah candle has more than one wick, as there has to be a combination of at least two flames, stemming from the plural form "lights" used in the blessing (Boré me'oré ha-esh, "Who creates the lights of the fire"). Laura’s candlesticks have a round opening, so you must purchase a round havdalah candle which we sell on ModernTribe.

Kiddush Cup

Laura’s elegant cone shaped Kiddush cup is created from the highest quality materials, the base patiently and expertly tuned and anodized to produce a matt, and durable finish, and the cup is made from fine sterling silver, or is silver plated.


Laura’s recognizable orb shape is echoed in this tray design. Made from anodized aluminum with a central glass bowl for the wine that is traditionally spilled and later used to extinguish the Havdalah candle. The Pyrex dish is durable and both components are easy to clean.

This item ships from Israel. It will leave the Israeli warehouse in 3-5 business days. Please allow 10 business days to arrive to you.

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