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    You don't have to shlep all the way to Israel to see the new Israel Baseball League! Tune in to PBS today at 11 am and 4:30 pm ET to watch the League's inaugural game. This ain't no amateur league - Art Shamsky and Ron Blumberg are among the team managers.Want to score some cool Jewish sports products? Visit us at

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    Hello to our friends from across the pond! Last night, the documentary Kike Like Me, which includes a segment on, aired on the BBC. We know, the title made us cringe a little too. For those of you in the US, you can view the movie trailer above. We look forward to seeing the film in its entirety when it airs this Fall on the Sundance Channel!

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    While speaking to Israeli designers, I discovered a disturbing trend: there are too many middle people involved in the distribution process, which is jacking up the retail cost and/or requiring Israeli designers to manufacture in Asia instead of in Israel. For example, one designer has a distributor in Israel, who sells to a distributor is the US, who sells to retailers. That's TWO "middlemen" who, if they are doing what is standard, are doubling the price each time. That is ridiculous. One of my goals with this business is to...