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    While speaking to Israeli designers, I discovered a disturbing trend: there are too many middle people involved in the distribution process, which is jacking up the retail cost and/or requiring Israeli designers to manufacture in Asia instead of in Israel. For example, one designer has a distributor in Israel, who sells to a distributor is the US, who sells to retailers. That's TWO "middlemen" who, if they are doing what is standard, are doubling the price each time. That is ridiculous. One of my goals with this business is to...

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    Just when we started to worry that we might run out of things to blog about, this juicy bit of news fell into our laps.In what must be the most unusual cross promotion to date.

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    We're excited about the upcoming book "The Year of Living Biblically" by Esquire editor-at-large A.J. Jacobs. Jacobs set out to follow the bible as literally as possible for one whole year and write about his experience. We'll all have to wait until the Fall to find out how he faired. The book comes out this October!