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    Organic Google Search Finds Sort of.Getting ones new website to show up under a general word search is very difficult. So I was thrilled today when I googled for Hanukkah.Search for "Hanukkah" or "Menorah" on google today and find a picture of me and my daughter -- above "the fold" no less. The irony of it is that although I'm quoted in the accompanying article... Jennie Rivlin Roberts noticed many young Jews acquiring multiple menorahs on their own, to suit their more modern tastes, and started an online company,...

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    Interesting. We are discussing Google policies and then I get an email from my Aunt to sign a petition to get Jew Watch removed from the top of Google's organic search results. That Jew Watch comes up first is true. You can google it now and see. The petition is also real and reports over 300,000 people have "signed" it. But, truly, there is no way Google is going to alter their organic search results. As we are learning, Google is hyper-governing (if inconsistent) with their paid advertising and completely...

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    No Limit Texas Dreidel may be kicked off Google Ad Words. I just had a "chat" with the Ad specialist and it doesn't look good. We'd set up Google Ads because dreidel is so commonly misspelled: dreidel, driedel, driedle, draydel, etc. etc.. We had every combination of dreidel with poker, and no limit, and hold'em, and holdem so people googling for us could find us. I looked up our account today and all our keywords had been disapproved. During the chat with the specialist she speculated that NLTD may be...